A Generational Kitchen

a little bit about Hazel p's

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Welcome to Hazel P's, a generational kitchen. What's that you say? 

Well, we love to cook and our love has been born by the influence of wonderful parents, grandparents and even great grandparents! Even in our area as families grew, cooking was a mesh of those living in the town and out on the farm.

We grew up on a working farm surrounded by farm animals, fresh milk, vegetable gardens, hands in the soil and lots of people around our tables. Sharing is at the heart and now we are blessed to journey together here and continue a tradition of fellowship and food around the table.

You may have come here for lunch but as our grandmother always shouted across the fields, "Ya'll come to dinner, it's on the table!" Sit, relax, and enjoy your time around our tables at Hazel P's!